the-jealous-kind-by-james-lee-burkeSet in '52 in Texas, The Jealous Kind is a brilliant mystery thriller that's both gripping and intriguing. James Lee Burke, an all-time bestselling author, created yet another masterpiece that's simply unforgettable. At first, it seems like it's all good in Houston: people are walking around with smiles on their faces, the restaurants are serving delicious food, the cars are buzzing front to back, the jukeboxes are singing mesmerizing tunes, and the kids are turning into young men and women.

However, behind the curtain, there's an all-out class war raging that's even more brutal than the Korean War overseas. And Aaron, the main character of the book, will have to learn about the beauty of love at first sight and the horrifying truth about violence that he never thought could take place in the United States.

One fine day, he witnesses a strikingly gorgeous and talented girl, Valerie, fight with her man, and that's when Aaron accidentally (or, rather, carelessly) challenges the Mob and one of the most influential families in the state of Texas. So, he'll have to dig deep and find the courage to fight evil on domestic soil just like his father did back in the Great War.

The critics are calling The Jealous Kind one of the greatest novels by Mr. James Lee Burke. It's encompassing, overwhelming, and the storytelling is simply superb. Aaron's "transformation" from a boy to a man and his unconditional love for the girl are just a part of the fascinating universe that the author meticulously created for the readers to enjoy. This is a grand adventure, a nostalgic story for folks who went through something similar, and yet another bestseller from the master.

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