Jungle Book

jungle-bookThe Jungle Book consist of many short stories written by famous British author Rudyard Kipling in 1983. They were published in different magazines and some time after as a single book. The illustrations of the first edition were made by Kipling,s beloved father.

Rudyard was born in India in 1865. He spends his first six years in this colony of British Empire. His family returned to the England, but not for a long time. After 10 years Kipling went back to the colony which always fascinates him. The worked in India for several years. All stories from Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling wrote much later. He wrote them when lives in Vermont.

Some researchers of his work believe that Rudyard Kipling wrote Jungle Book for his smile daughter Josephine. She died in at the age of six years old. There is an evidence for this theory – a discovered in 2010 first edition of the Jungle Book with a handwritten note to author's daughter.

The tales of the Jungle book are fantastic stories, where animals behave as a human. They can speak. They can be wise, funny or treacherous. The Jungle book is a collection of moral lessons in a fascinating wrapper. The Law of the Jungle tells us about such values as the safety of person and families. Many fans of Kipling's legacy think about his main work as about bunch of intricate allegories of the society of his time and political systems. The most famous Kipling's heroes are Mowgli and heroic mongoose which called Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

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