the-keeper-of-secrets-by-julie-thomasThe Keeper of Secrets is a highly unusual, engaging, captivating novel about a single priceless violin that traveled across nations and generations. It survived World War 2, then ended up in post-war Russia and is now the star of worldwide concert halls and stadiums. This emotionally powerful, beautiful story talks about the love, loss, hopes and dreams of the families that were lucky enough to own it.

Back in 1939, a young boy's life is changed forever when he gets to play his dad's violin from 1742. He's just a 14-year-old boy from Berlin, and his name is Simon, but he believes that he's meant for greatness. And when the Nazi forces break Europe into separate small pieces, they send the boy to Dachau. There, he encounters lots of kindness, love, and a strong chance of surviving the horrors of war.

In the present day, Mr. Gomez, an orchestra conductor, learns the story of Daniel Horowitz, a genius violin master who doesn't play the instrument. He then finds out that Danny is actually a teenage boy, 14 years of age. Back in the day, his family used to own a world-class violin and he was convinced that it got lost somewhere in the tide of time.

That's when Mr. Gomez gets to discover a touching, heart-wrenching story of a family and its connection to this legendary violin. It's safe to say that The Keeper of Secrets will touch the heart and mind of pretty much every single reader, simply because it comes with a resonating, riveting story and a brilliant narrative. Julie Thomas created a true masterpiece that will linger on long after you read the book and put it on your shelf. Stories like this last forever!

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