the-keys-by-dj-khaledDJ Khaled is a modern-day mogul: he's one of the most prominent figures in contemporary hip-hop and always comes through with chart-topping hits featuring the hottest artists in the game right now. His albums are always fresh, exciting and on point. Furthermore, he's also a legitimate businessman who built his empire with hard work, dedication, passion, and charisma.

All the fans of rap/hip-hop know this guy from the videos and funny comments on the Internet, but very few people know how this man came up. The Keys is a brilliant book for all the young boys and girls who want to be just as successful as he is or just want to escape the brutal streets and make an honest living for themselves. Major Key, Khaled's latest album, received international praise, and the critics called it one of the most important releases of the year. You wanna know how to be a prosperous man? Read The Keys!

This is an honest, no-BS story of a regular dude who knew he was destined for greatness. The book talks about the key elements of success and that They - the haters - don't want you to know about them. First things first, you gotta separate yourself from the hate and focus on what's important. Second, you gotta stay true to yourself and never-ever trip. Next, respect the code, keep your head cool, work 24/7 and grab what's rightfully yours.

The Keys is a highly informative and insightful book that will be a perfect Christmas gift to your teenage son/daughter. Influential people like DJ Khaled have a special way of inspiring the young and showing them the right way to greatness. We The Best Music Group is Khaled's baby, his pride, and joy, a label that can easily make it into the top-5. This book will help you create your own empire - go for it!

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