the-killer-next-door-by-alex-marwoodAlex Marwood made the literary world raise its eyebrows when she delivered the heat with The Wicked Girls. Pretty much all the greatest writers of our time praised her unique writing style and suspenseful, riveting plot. And now she's officially back with her latest novel, The Killer Next Door. It's scary, full of tension, mystery, and comes with rich, layered, greatly depicted characters.

23 Beulah Grove is a very strange place, and every single person that lives there is hiding a big secret. And that's why they're renting rooms in a scary-looking building somewhere on the outskirts of town for cash. There are no credit cards in this world because they can be traced. This is the exact place where folks come to hide when they simply have nowhere else to go.

The 6 residents of the house like to keep to themselves and don't bother each other, until one unbelievably hot summer night a horrible accident makes them join forces and stand together against the unknown danger. The thing is - nobody knows that there's a killer next door. That's right, one of these 6 people is a murderer, and his next victim is already a target. He's got the biggest secret of them all, and he'll never reveal his identity.

We don't really know our neighbors until they show who they really are, and, in the case of the 6 residents of this building, that means their lives are in constant danger. The Killer Next Door is a blood-chilling, heart-stopping mystery thriller that will make you curl under your bed and read on and on. The narrative is fast-paced, and the tension is simply outstanding. Alex Marwood created yet another masterpiece!

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