The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers

Robert-W.-Chambers-The-King-in-YellowRobert W. Chambers was born in 1865 and created more than 70 novels. Most of them are now forgotten, but his "The King in Yellow" is one of the great classics of horror fiction. Many critics see in this work some sort of a bridge between the old master E. A. Poe and the modern horror writers. The well-known Howard Philipps Lovecraft told the ones that in this book, the author even shows "a remarkable peak of cosmic horror".

But what is waiting for the reader between the cheaply designed book covers showing the robed in yellow robes king? There are six short stories are gathered it 192 pages, and you can find two other short texts written by Michael Nagula about Chambers' life and work. The question of who or what "The King in Yellow" is actual will be answered in the first short story, "The restorer of the reputation".

Conclusion: "The King in Yellow" is probably one of the best classic horror books you can find on the web or a store. Although not each of those stories - especially today - can produce real horror. The book gives you very pleasant and easy read and it is absolutely recommendable for fans of classic horror literature.

The stories, you can find under the cover of The King in Yellow some interesting short stories: "The restorer of reputation", "The Mask", "At the court of the Dragon", "The Yellow Sign" etc.

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