the-kingdom-of-speech-by-tom-wolfeThe Kingdom of Speech is a brand-new offering from Mr. Tom Wolfe, an internationally known and respected writer who always manages to captivate the readers with provocative-yet-true stories. This time around, the best-selling author reports on the fact that everything humanity knows about evolution and speech is actually wrong. Yep, he's arguing that we've been thinking about it the wrong way, and now it's time to re-learn it all.

Wolfe is a living legend in journalism, so, that means he's pretty serious about his claims and is not just trying to shock the world with another bunch of fables and tales. The writer challenges Darwin and his whole theory of evolution and claims that language is not hard-wired in our subconsciousness, meaning it might not be as "natural" as we thought it was.

If you appreciate insightful, ground-breaking and intriguing books about us, the humans, and everything that defines us, The Kingdom of Speech should definitely be on your list of must-haves. Numerous critics have been praising Tom Wolfe for his unique, one-of-a-kind vision; at the same time, the other "group" of critics is calling him a conspiracy theorist and a man who doesn't really know what he's talking about.

Well, his record-breaking sales and huge fan base mean only one thing - he does know how to appeal to a wide audience and he certainly does have some important things to share with the community. The Kingdom of Speech is one of the best releases in 2016, a highly influential and inspiration book. Rest assured that Mr. Wolfe will mesmerize you with his brilliant writing style and his head-strong ideas!

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