The-Kommandant's-Girl-By-Pam-JenoffWhen war comes knocking at the door, one has to make sacrifices to stay alive and to keep the people they cherish from harm's way. The Kommandant's Girl is a poignant, groundbreaking story of a strong-willed girl and her struggles during WW2. Emma, a 19-year-old beauty, was married for less than a month when the evil Nazi forces started to wreak havoc in Poland.

They were seeking out Jewish man to kill, so, Jacob, her man, went underground, hoping to survive the attack. His wife stayed all alone in the lonely streets of the Jewish hoods, scared of pretty much everything in the shabby city. However, soon, when it was dark outside, the resistance forces managed to save her from the hellhole. They took her to the nearest city, where her husband's aunt lives.

Emma forgot her real name once and for all and became Anna, a 100% gentile. The girl's hazardous situation became even more dangerous when Richwalder, a top-notch Nazi commander administered her as his assistant. The resistance made her risk her double identity just to try and to learn about the plans of the German occupants.

So, in order to fight back the Nazi scum, Emma had no other choice but to hurt her marriage and forget all moral obligations. The unrelenting war machine raged on and on, and the barbaric soldiers of the Reich kept oppressing the innocuous Jews. And heroes like Emma made a difference and turned the tide of war by risking not only their own lives but also everything they believed in. The Kommandant's Girl is a game-changing historical novel about the atrocities of the Nazis and the brave souls that opposed the infernal invaders.

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