The Ladies Delight by Anonymous

The-Ladies-Delight-AnonymousThe Ladies Delight is a very unusual and an unexpected book actually. All the poems and text of it is about mostly proud part of a man's body. Yep – it is about THAT thing. That is main and most true description. And it is most honest one. And it was written several centuries ago – in 1732. That unexpected treasure firstly was published on the Web some years ago and obtained some popularity in very short time.

There is another name of this novel exists. It is The Tree of Life. You may find The Ladies Delight sometimes outrageous and even a scatological on several pages. But in the end, you will acknowledge that in some way it is really good and there is something special in it. The Ladies Delight can be really funny and inventive.

Not all readers can realize very fast that main character of The Ladies Delight the male "stick of love". Sometimes the main meaning hides below vivid and bold images. For whom we recommend The Ladies admire clever and satiric prose and poetry about a very delicate subject you must put it aside and read something more traditional.

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