Ever heard of the Professor Challenger series? Well, if you were a fan of fantasy back when you were a kid, then you just might have. The Land of Mist is one of the best chapters in the franchise; at the same time, it's centered on Enid, the Professor's lovely daughter, and the man's good-old friend, Ed. The book is heavily influenced by Arthur Conan Doyle's fascination with Spiritualism.

He lost four people to WW1, including his brother, son, and two nephews. Edward, the fictional character, learns of spiritualism thanks to his professional curiosity. Then, he becomes interested in it on a more personal scale. He starts to look for evidence for life and death, and Enid becomes his trusted partner. The girl manages to bring her dad a real message from the afterlife that talks about things only the dead could know.

Thus, she makes him believe in life beyond death. Now, even though the legendary Sherlock Holmes despised those that believed in vampires, werewolves and "all that nonsense", Doyle wasn't so quick to call it all a bunch of BS. After he lost so many people, he started to search for answers in all kinds of places, and his experiences formed the ground for this highly exciting novel.

That's right - The Land of Mist is a 100% page-turner and an awesome time-consumer. You won't notice how time flies when you start reading it. It comes with a strong plot, a wonderful cast of characters and a poignant, moving and touching message to all of us, the living souls. Arthur Conan Doyle did a brilliant job with this novel, proving once again that the Sherlock series isn't his only great work.

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