The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

the-language-of-flowers-vanessa-diffenbaugh2Growing up in a loveless environment without family and without a home, the young Victoria has learned one thing: she must keep people at a distance from herself. Victoria opens her heart only to flowers. The world does not listen to her, but flowers do. Only they can not disappoint the girl. Each flower is important and has its meaning.

The story begins with Victoria's majority. When money gets tight, she finds a job as a florist. There she falls in love with Grant, she already knows from childhood. Victoria suffers greatly from their relationship anxiety and a lack of confidence.

Fireworks full of small miracles - breathtaking and simply perfect. A touching debut for dreamers and poets. The flowers can teach us about how we can grow even without our roots. Vanessa Diffenbaughs The Language of Flowers will grab you, tied up and not let go. It is a very serious book also, which portrays the problems of Victoria and their lives.

San Francisco, the place where all action goes, is as diverse and fascinating, mysterious and unpredictable at the same time as Victoria itself. Consider, for example, the fog which lays every morning gently around the stunning monuments of the city, beautiful sunsets on the Pacific ocean, etc. All this fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the story!

About the author and other contributors

Vanessa Diffenbaugh is an art teacher and writer. Vanessa is 32 years old, she married and has two children. She very socially committed also . Diffenbaugh has repeatedly taken foster children and looked after them for a long time. Today she lives with her family in Boston.

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