the-last-girl-by-joe-hartThe Last Girl is the very 1st chapter in the best-selling Dominion series, and it invites the readers into a harsh world where a terrifying epidemic devastated the world's population by dropping the birthrate of little girls from the usual 50% to less than 1%. Medics, scientists, and government organizations are working around the clock to find a solution to this problem, but it's been 25 years, and the cure is still nowhere to be found.

So, there's an entire generation that's mostly comprised of men. Only about 1000 women are among them, and that's a catastrophic reality that is threatening the very survival of the human race. Zoey is one of the few "lucky girls", and she's housed in some fancy research compound along with other surviving ladies.

The doctors are trying to figure out the cause of the epidemic, but it's kinda hard for the women to go through countless tests every single day. Zoey has been cut off from her family for twenty years, and they are treating her like an animal, locking her away after every procedure. The only thing that she knows is that a virus has successfully wiped out the entire population.

So, living in captivity is the only thing the girl has ever known, and she wants to escape from this prison - desperately. The next round of tests is horrifying and nobody has ever returned from it. At the same time, Zoey is clueless about the world outside the scary walls. She'll have to be brutal and cunning in order to succeed. Is she ready for an all-out war against her captors and the harsh new Earth? Joe Hart wrote an amazing science fiction trilogy that will get the fans of thrilling fantasy hooked up from the very first pages.

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