Jack used to be living that good life: expensive, fancy suits, rich-boy cars, and the best clubs and women. But life took a nasty turn, and now he can't even put food on the table for his sick father. Yes, he's hit rock bottom, and even killed a man. He never meant for it to happen, but it is what it is, and now he's on a ship from NY to Moscow - the heart of Russia.

He desperately needs to run away from all the craziness in his life and figure out what to do next. They're saying that in the USSR the honest, working folks are living in a paradise, and Jack really wants to believe it's true. Poverty has turned him into an entirely different person, and the people that are after him won't hesitate to put a bullet in his head. So, Moscow is his second chance, a fresh start.

Soon, he finds a job at the Gorky Ford Factory and starts a new life in a foreign country. But, it's not all bright colors in the Soviet Union: the society is constantly being harassed, the shelves are near-empty, and the black market is even stronger than in the US. However, just when Jack is ready to put his hands down and lose hope, he meets Natasha, a doctor.

Who knows, maybe this gorgeous Russian woman is his savior, the one and only person in the world that will take care of him and give him something to live for? Well, maybe, but she's got her own skeletons in the closet, and Jack is in an even bigger danger with her. The only way for both of them to stay alive is to trust each other - 100%. The Last Paradise is a fantastic historical novel with a gripping plot and a brick-strong narrative. Part thriller, part drama, part romantic story, Antonio Garrido's bestseller will be a great read for you!

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