The Last Voice You Hear (The Oxford Series)

The-Last-Voice-You-Hear-The-Oxford-SeriesOxford private investigator Zoë Boehm struggles with the aftereffects of her violent past as she hunts for a killer—or has she become the hunted?

Zoë Boehm has harbored a distinct aversion to death ever since she shot the man intent on killing her. So when Caroline Daniels takes a deadly fall in front of a train and her lover fails to turn up at the funeral, Zoë wants nothing to do with the case.

But Caroline’s boss is persistent, and as Zoë attempts to unlock the secrets of a woman she’s never met while in search of a man who could be anywhere, she starts to wonder if he’s found her first. And if he has, will that make her the next victim, or prove to be her salvation from a paralyzing fear?

If you are lucky enough to pick up on this novel, then I urge you to obtain on the net the real first novel written a year earlier, Down Cemetery Road. In it Zoe is dragged reluctantly into the private hell of another woman (Sarah Tucker) and together they have to deal with a crazily-mounting series of threats from the Secret Services. Apart from leaving you totally gripped (no lack of plot in this one, if anything it is a bit over-plotted) it will give you the background that formed the characters that we meet again, a few years on and scarred in their different ways, in The Last Voice You Hear

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