Michael Connelly is an internationally-loved and famed author of mystery thrillers that always make it into all kinds of "Top 10" sales charts all over the globe. The Late Show is not even out yet (it's set for a summer release), but the critics are already calling it a mighty bestseller. Renée has been working the night shift in Hollywood for a while now.

She's tough as nails, and starts a lot of investigations at night, but, unfortunately, she never gets to finish any of them, as she's obligated to pass all the info on to the day shift. Back in the day, she used to be the star of the precinct; however, after she filed an official sexual harassment complaint against her boss, they made sure to punish her this way. The job is paying the bills, so, the girl keeps working the night shift.

But, one fateful night, she hops onto two cases that she intends to solve on her own: the first case has to do with a prostitute beaten half-to-death and left to die somewhere in a dark corner, while the second one is the murder of a girl in a classic nightclub shootout. Renée knows all too well that she shouldn't put her job on the line for these cases, but she just can't help it.

So, she goes against direct orders and her partner's own will and starts to work on both cases during the day while still going out there during the night. As she digs deeper, the investigations begin to intertwine, forcing her to confront her own demons and face the ghosts that she's been hiding from for years. It’s a matter of life and death for the detective: she won't back down until she solves these cases, and not even the whole department can stop her!

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