the-lie-by-c-l-taylorIf you're looking for a haunting, compelling and totally blood-chilling psychological thriller to give you an adrenaline rush during the cold winter days, The Lie will be a great pick for you! The critics are already putting in on the same pedestal as the Girl on the Train, and that means C.L. Taylor's brand-new bestseller is just as suspenseful, gripping and captivating.

Jane, the main character of the story, has a perfect life: she's working in an animal shelter and she really loves her job. Plus, she's got an amazing boyfriend and a tiny-yet-cozy cottage in Wales. As a matter of fact, she's never been happier than she is today, but her life is not real. Jane is not a real person; she does not exist in this world. Half a decade earlier, she and her best friends embarked on what was supposed to be an awesome trip, the journey of a lifetime.

However, the trip suddenly turned into a horrible nightmare and she lost 2 of her friends. It's been five years already, and Jane is doing everything in her power to forget about the past and to move on, start a new life. At the same time, there's someone out there who knows the real truth - someone who knows what happened that day. They're coming after Jane and they won't back down until they devastate her and everything that she holds dear...

So, who is she really, and what secrets is she hiding? Read the book and you'll find out! The Lie is a top-notch mystery thriller that will make your heart beat faster than ever before and keep you on your feet all night long. C.L. Taylor wrote one of the best books of the year in the genre, and you simply can't miss it if you're a fan.

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