The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

The-Life-and-Adventures-of-Robinson-Crusoe-Daniel-DefoeThe plot of this novel should be widely known. At the beginning of the story, a young man is shipwrecked and lives for 28 years alone on an uninhabited island. There he begins to grow crops, strengthened in his faith in God and keeps a diary. He finds traces of savages, built his fortress and finally meets Friday, his future friend and takes him to the Christian faith. Together they meet another native who turns out to be Friday's father.

After that, an English ship shows on the horizon, and Robinson conquered it with a help of his faithful Friday and after 35 years of absence in England returned home. For some time he performs a decent life with a good wife and after her death visited the island again, which has become a peaceful colony.

From this book a whole literary genre of Robinsonade emerged. It is alive even today. You easily can find books that are written in the similar to Daniel Defoe's novel. What is remarkable about Robinson Crusoe, in particular, the philosophical question of religion and the question of the development of a human after a shipwreck? The Lord of the Flies is the opposite development of a person, who found himself on the remote island. It is modern implementation and trivialization of Defoe's novel.

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