the-life-she-wants-by-robyn-carrAre you ready for a brand-new bestseller by Robyn Carr, an award-winning author that's famous for her rich, layered characters and captivating stories? Well, if you are, then give a warm welcome to The Life She Wants, her latest work! This is a touching, heart-warming, charming novel that will make you both laugh and cry. Emma's perfectly-planned dream life is crashed the second her husband commits suicide.

He stole his client's money to lead a luxurious life in NY, and, despite the fact that Emma never even had an idea about her husband's crimes, she's still carrying the heavy burden of his lies and betrayals. And, she's practically left with nothing, except for her one and only true friend, someone that she's known since school. That person convinces her to go back home to Sonoma County, where she belongs.

However, it's never easy to say goodbye to your old life and start over from scratch, and what used to be her hometown is now just a place that's full of sad, troubling memories. Plus, there are some people that Emma doesn't really want to meet again, like Riley. The thing is - the two girls used to be like sisters until Riley ended their strong bond by betraying her best friend. So, that's why Emma left town and promised herself to never go back.

But now, even though she's doing the best she can to stay strong, she can't shake the feeling that her now-dead husband's reputation is following her wherever she goes. She's got no other choice but to ask her former BFF for help. Obviously, the reunion doesn't go nearly as smoothly as they were both hoping, but they know that the only way for them to be truly happy again is to find the strength to forgive each other.

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