If you're looking for a breath-taking historical romance, make sure to check Julia Drosten's latest bestseller out. This is the story Sibylla, an open-minded and witty young woman who doesn't feel like she belongs in 19th century London. She's not one of those "normal" girls that only think about finding a rich man and marrying him. Her independence, strong will, beautiful mind and courageous attitude make her unfit for a marriage.

Sibylla is 23 and still doesn't have a fella by her side. Her own family and all the relatives treat her like she's some kind of a silly child, and the pressure is getting stronger and stronger with each passing day. So, when Benjamin, and overzealous and overachieving employee of her father's, approaches her with an unusual offer, she realizes that "joining forces" with this guy is her only chance to escape the harsh environment of London.

Benjamin's dedication, hard work, and mighty brains take him further up the career ladder, and soon the two find themselves in Morocco. There, Sibylla can finally breathe again and feel like she's a respected human being with equal rights. She is quick to make new friends, handle several of business deals and even fall in love with a man - for real this time. But she has a life with Benjamin, not to mention the two boys that they are raising.

At the same time, her husband is growing more and more distant, thanks to his big appetite for money. He gets himself into all kinds of hazardous dealings, putting his family's life in danger. And when the authorities arrest him, it's up to her to decide whether she wants to leave him all alone or stand by her husband and help him find his way back home.

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