Julie Garwood, a bestselling author is back with a breathtaking new historical romance that will leave you speechless. A strong, confident and daring young woman met a handsome lord and they fell in love with each other - madly. Christina squeezed into the elite society of London in the blink of an eye and took everybody by storm.

Her beauty, grace and brilliant mind made every single person out there fall for her. Lyon, a Marquis and quite a popular man high up the social ladder, was also fascinated by this extraordinary woman, and he kissed her right there and then, without a proper introduction. He is a nobleman, but with a wild, free and loving heart, just like a pirate, and his passion is strong enough to melt even the coldest hearts.

And, even though Christina does keep to herself and is not quick to jump into his loving arms, Lyon can still sense that fire burning deep inside of her that needs just the right man to come out and play. She's feisty, strong-willed and independent, so she doesn't need a knight in a shiny armor to save the day and take her away into his castle.

Now, it's obvious that she has strong feelings for the dashing lord, but, for some reason, she keeps pushing him away. It's pretty hard to resist his charm; yet, she simply can't surrender and give up. Christina is hiding a big secret, something that she hasn't told anyone yet, and she's not about to open up to this unbelievably handsome and compelling nobleman. Or is she? The Lion's Lady is a wonderful historical romance that comes with a beautiful plot, a great line-up of characters and a happy ending. If you're a fan of the genre, Julie Garwood's page-turner will be one of the best books you're read in a while!

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