What is The List? It's an off-the-charts, top-secret database of the most beautiful and sexy ladies in NY. Xavier is one of the four founding members. He's a billionaire and prefers to live by the rules of The List. The idea behind it is pretty simple and straightforward: whenever one of the fellas spends a night with a woman, he is to add her into the database, including info about her home address, her name, and more.

Next, the fellas just sort through the list when they're looking for something in particular and pick a girl that fits the profile, so to speak. Why spend tons of time on "hunting" for just the right woman when you've got her on the list, right? It's pretty much the most fun thing the billionaires have come up with, and they're not about to stop enjoying it.

However, when Riley walks into Xavier's life, something changes, something life-defining. She's an incredibly gorgeous brunette with unbelievable curves, and she's woken up a part of the man that he never thought could be possible. He's not one for relationships and the whole dating nonsense, so, why does this girl make him do all those things that he thinks are a waste of time? What's so special about her?

Sure, she's fine as hell, but he had more than enough drop-dead sexy women in his bed. This is the first time Xavier doesn't want to put a girl on The List because he doesn't want anybody else to touch her. New desires come with new consequences, and Riley might just ruin it all for the man. Or, she might turn him into the happiest man alive...The List is a captivating, steaming, sizzling and riveting erotic novel. It's well-written, comes with a great cast of characters and a couple of twists and turns.

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