The-Lost-City-Of-The-Monkey-God-By-Douglas-PrestonIf you love ancient legends, mysterious tales, unexplainable facts and exciting journeys into uncharted lands, then you simply have to grab a copy of The Lost City of the Monkey God and join Mr. Preston in this game-changing trip towards the unknown. Ever since Cortés, a famed conquistador, passed away, the rumors of a secret city filled with unprecedented amounts of gold, are constantly circulating here and there.

The scientists believe it's located somewhere in Honduras. The tribes claim that their ancestors were forced to run away into the city when the Spanish warriors entered their territories. And the legend says that no one can enter the White City and that every single person that steps foot there will die.

Morde, a dashing, energetic journalist from the 1940s, found tons of artifacts and had an unbelievable story to tell - he was confident he found the Monkey God's city. However, the poor fella took his own life without telling the rest of the world where exactly he found this elusive city.

More than 7 decades later, Doug Preston, an internationally-loved and acclaimed writer of bestselling books, gathered a team of savants and hopped into a plane with a ground-breaking tech that allowed the team to see through the dense jungle. Soon, they found not just a city, but a whole civilization! Next, they went through the dangerous wilderness just to confirm that the White City was indeed real. Scary rains, life-threatening animals, and insects stood in their way. However, on their way back, the clique found that they were struck by a lethal disease...

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