Mr. Fawcett, an adventurous explorer, was hoping to find a lost civilization somewhere in the middle of nowhere (in the Amazon jungle, to be exact) and put his own life and the lives of his loved ones at risk back in 1925, when he embarked on a game-changing journey towards the unknown.

However, he never returned to the United Kingdom, and every single person who was brave enough to follow his footsteps disappeared into thin air. The Lost City of Z, the perilous and hazardous place that the man was searching for, remains a mystery. David Grann, a renowned journalist, put his brilliant writing skills to good use to deliver a mighty bestseller that is now a big-time Hollywood movie starring Hunnam and Pattinson.

It's worth mentioning that this isn't a work of fiction, as Grann used the stories of Fawcett’s journey and mixed them with his own experiences in the wild jungle to deliver a true masterpiece; so, every last word of it is true! This is by far the biggest exploration mystery of the previous century, and now the readers get the chance to unravel the secrets behind it with the author.

If you love fast-paced and adrenaline-charged true stories about ancient cities, prophecies and the thrill of exploration, The Lost City of Z will be a great read for you. Besides, don't you wanna learn about Fawcett's destiny and what happened to his family while they were searching for the deadly city? History, adventure, and action come together to create one of the greatest books of our time. Keep in mind, though: this is a highly addictive page-turner, so, make sure not to stay up all night reading!

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