the-lost-girls-by-allison-brennanThe Lucy Kincaid series has been around for a while now, topping international sales charts like it's no big deal. The fans really love the world that the author created and are always eagerly waiting for the next chapter to hit the shelves. Well, they can officially rejoice now, as The Lost Girls is finally here!

The story begins with Siobhan, a female photojournalist who spent the last 2 years looking for 2 sisters who went missing in Mexico. And when a priest in Texas gives her a call to tell about a motherless child with a locket that's got her name on it, she immediately goes to her good friends in the Bureau Of Investigations for help. There's no doubt that the baby's mom is one of the two girls, but how on Earth did she end up in the United States? And why did she leave her child behind?

So now Lucy and Noah will have to do whatever it takes to find the missing sisters. The investigation will lead them to a human-trafficking organization that's part of a huge underworld that lives by its own set of rules and principles. No matter how sharp and effective the FBI agents are, the enemy is always a few steps ahead, with a line-up of dead people behind for the Bureau to collect.

The Lost Girls is probably the most action-packed and suspenseful novel in the Lucy Kincaid series. It will grab your attention with a fast-paced narrative, a story full of tension and a great cast of characters. The fans of the series will be happy to uncover yet another conspiracy with Lucy, while the new readers will enjoy a brilliant standalone mystery thriller. The critics call The Lost Girls engaging, gripping and un-put-down-able.

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