As far as riveting historical thrillers go, Steve Berry's brand-new bestseller is a must-have for all the fans of the genre. It's equally gripping and exciting. Back in the day, there was this majestic (and highly dangerous) organization in the United States that had enormous wealth hidden in numerous caches across the whole country.

Treasure hunters have been trying to find at least a part of their riches, but, even though they’ve been trying for more than 160 years, only 1% of it was found. Today, the organization is split into two factions and they both want to seize control over the treasure. The first faction wants the gold and silver all to itself, while the second one is doing everything in its power to keep the riches safe. Cotton, a regular JD, is somehow connected to this ancient battle.

He doesn't know that yet, but the man is destined to play a vital part in this. As it soon turns out, his ancestor, Angus, was a spy, and his personal diary is the key to locating the treasure of the knights. At the same time, the widow of a passed US Senator, along with an overzealous Speaker, is planning on changing the course of America, and that makes Cotton's mission that much more difficult.

Daniels, the ex-POTUS, is in great danger, and a new challenge is threatening to take his life. The Lost Order is a near-perfect historical thriller slash mysterious masterpiece that takes the readers from one state to another to deliver an unbelievably riveting, page-turning adventure. Dive into the past of the United States and learn of all the darkness that is still very much present. If Cotton fails, the future will be even darker. Steve Berry proved once again that is indeed one of the greatest writers of our time.

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