the-lost-starship-by-vaughn-heppnerVaughn Heppner is a big-time expert when it comes to thrilling science fiction series about space marines and alien invasions. For example, the Lost Starship Series received multiple international awards and made him one of the most successful authors of the 21st century. The Lost Starship is the very first novel in the franchise and a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the series from the very start.

10 thousand years ago, a huge alien ship survived an epic clash in space. The ship's crew set the ship's computer to defend what was left of their home planet. Rumors claim that the ancient ship is still guarding the battlefield, doing what its dying masters told it to do centuries ago. At the same time, Earth is in desperate need of a miracle. New Men invade and attack with double the strength, speed and wit.

They've got advanced ships and technology that take out any fleet that's supposed to stop them. Furthermore, they've got spies in the government and they weaken the planet's military from within. Captain Maddox thinks that an old starship like the one that's allegedly roaming the outer space could defeat the New Men. So, while on the run from a group of hunters, he searches for a team of misfits.

Together they're supposed to find the ancient supership and bring it back to serve humanity. If he fails to complete his mission, the old men will be simply annihilated. But, if he succeeds, Earth might still have a chance to win this war. The Lost Starship is a brilliant science fiction novel that will be greatly appreciated by the fans of smart, original, action-charged and rich stories that keep you up all night.

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