The-Lost-World-by-Arthur-Conan-DoyleThe Lost World is a highly entertaining and intriguing novel by Conan Doyle about an expedition to a "Wonder Land" where dinosaurs and other extinct breath-taking creatures managed to survive. The book was first introduced to the world back in 1912, which makes it more than 100 hundred years old! However, it's still super-popular among fans of the fantasy genre and the critics call it one of the most profound novels ever created. The story begins with Mr. Malone, a journalist, asking his boss for a dangerous (and hopefully amazing) journey that will help him to capture the attention of the lady that stole his heart. He's supposed to interview a quarrelsome professor, who has been making all kinds of ridiculous claims after his latest trip to South America. Malone has to go through a tiny adventure before he even gets to meet the notorious professor, but the man seems to be impressed by him and even shows him some of his discoveries.

Next, Challenger invites Malone to a meeting where he agrees to join a bunch of people who are set to travel back to the "Wonder Land" and further investigate the Professor's claims. When they finally reach the plateau, one of the locals demolishes the bridge, trapping the team on the highly dangerous highland. Pretty soon, they encounter aggressive pterodactyls and other dinosaurs that nearly eat them alive. They manage to escape, though, but not before they become prisoners of "ape-men".

These people are at war with a much more advanced race of humanoids. The team of scientists helps this advanced race (they call themselves the Accala), and the prince shows them a way back to the modern-day world. They return home safely and even bring a living-breathing pterodactyl as proof to the professor's previous claims.

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