the-lullaby-sky-by-carolyn-brownHannah has been dealing with misery, abuse and tears for 7 catastrophic years, but now it's all behind her - she's officially a free woman! She's super-happy about it, and it feels like a giant rock that's been hurting her for all this time is finally off her shoulders. Besides, there are some "material" bonuses as well: first of all, Hannah is now the owner of her grandma's huge house; second, she has full custody of her adorable 5-year-old girl.

So, the only thing that's left for her to do is to say goodbye to the past and move on with her life. She's finally free, and she wants to make this world a better place, to make a difference. Hannah's best friends are always there to support her and to lend that helping hand, including Travis, her insane crush from high school.

Hannah is transforming her house into a "safe zone" for all the women who went through something similar and know first-hand what pain and misery mean. This is what she wants to do, this is what makes her laugh and enjoy life again, but, at the same time, she can't shake the feeling that her crazy ex is coming after her. The terrible memories are constantly coming back to haunt her.

Travis might just be the wonderful second chance for Hannah, the man that she always wanted to be with. However, you can't start a new life without cutting ties with the old one, and that's what she needs to do: face her past, forget about it and go after the new horizons. The Lullaby Sky is a remarkable romantic novel that will be greatly appreciated by the countless women around the world who had to go through pain and suffering. Carolyn Brown wrote a wonderful book that comes with a strong, believable main character and a great plot.

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