Maddie Ziegler is a pretty famous young lady in the dancing circles. She's been dancing and judging other dancers for as long as she can remember, and this is her brilliant coming-of-age autobiography about the struggles, the victories, the ups, the downs, and everything in between. Following your dreams and working hard 24/7 isn't easy, but that's what it takes for you to prevail both in dancing and in your own personal life.

Maddie's been in love with dancing and always wanted to become a world-famous star, but nobody told her that success would come so fast. When she was just an eight-year-old kid, she was a part of Dance Moms - the wildly popular reality show on Lifetime. She conquered the hearts and minds of countless fans from around the world with her talent, modesty, determination and readiness to work harder than anyone else on the show.

Soon, she was making all kinds of international buzz, and Sia, the modern-day queen of pop music, picked her as the star of her insanely popular video for the “Chandelier". That's when Maddie turned into a superstar in her field and stepped onto that pedestal. As for The Maddie Diaries, it's an uplifting, exciting and revealing story of her journey towards greatness.

She shares her hopes and dreams, the very first steps she took on that dance scene and the challenges that kept on driving her to the limit of her possibilities. Today she's an extremely busy young woman that manages to be equally great in music videos, Hollywood movies, and, of course, in dancing. This is a kind, warm, honest. and funny memoir that will be much appreciated by all the struggling young prodigies that just need the right push and motivation.

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