The-Making-Of-Donald-Trump-By-David-Cay-JohnstonDavid Cay Johnston, an award-winning reporter, spent almost 3 full decades writing about Mr. Donald Trump, one of the strongest presidential candidates in 2016. As you could imagine, thirty years are more than enough to learn everything there is to know about this power figure. So, this book is your ultimate guide into the world of Mr. Trump, a close-up look at the man's life journey and the steps he took to get to where he stands right now.

Trump is originally from Queens, New-York City, and his entrepreneurial spirit, strong grip, and amazing resourcefulness are what made him the man he is today. At the same time, over his career, he had to deal with all kinds of legal troubles, which turned him into one of the most controversial businessmen in the world. His family was doing great in real estate, but Trump took his business to a whole another level, becoming a living-breathing billionaire.

The Making of Donald Trump is the perfect book if you wanna learn about the man's early years, education, thoughts, business moves, ideology, and, of course, his phenomenal Presidential race. You can adore him or despise him, but there's no denying the fact that Donald Trump is a powerful man and the fact that he used to be dealing with mafia bosses and the political elite only makes him an even bigger mogul.

David Cay Johnston used tons of interviews, financial documents, official statements and public stunts to create the most overwhelming report on the man who might just become the next president of the United States. And the book is pretty exciting as well, meaning you won't be "attacked" with a pile of legal documents and boring info - no, The Making of Donald Trump is quite an entertaining read, if nothing more.

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