The critics are calling Mr. Kenneth Johnson a mastermind, a brilliant man with more than enough thrilling stories to be one of the best writers of our time. The Man of Legends, his latest bestseller, is a mighty supernatural mystery/adventure/romance that will glue you to your seat and never let go. Welcome to NY, 2001. It's the New Year’s weekend, and the city is all bright and shiny.

Jillian, an overzealous young reporter, comes across a shocking discovery: a mysterious man stands right next to Roosevelt, Grant, and Gandhi in 3 separate photos - unaged. How could he look the same for 85 years? Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Will, a smart, witty and charismatic fella, is hoping that the New Year will give him everything he's been dreaming of.

The past is constantly haunting him, threatening to destroy him with the secrets that he's hiding. And, there's a lethal stranger out there, chasing after the fella on every step of the way. Soon, he finds himself on the run from a heinous manhunt lead by a crazy Vatican emissary and an ex-UN envoy. The next two days change the lives of these people forever, bringing Jillian, William and Hanna - the envoy - together after a horrifying event.

There's an international conspiracy that has been in the works for centuries, and they're the only ones who can confront it. Only if they join forces and trust each other will these three strangers be able to uncover an ancient curse and defeat an evil of epic proportions that wants only one thing: to destroy every single person on planet Earth. The Man of Legends is an exceptional historical thriller slash action/adventure, one of the best books in the genre and a gripping page-turner.

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