Kimberly Belle, the best-selling and award-winning writer, is officially back with a brand-new masterpiece. The Marriage Lie is a mighty thrilla that will glue the dear readers to the edge of their seats. If you're a fan of the genre, you'll most certainly fall in love with Kim's latest blockbuster. Will and Iris, his lovely spouse, have been together for 7 full years, and their life is pretty much the closest thing to perfection and heaven on planet Earth. However, when Will boards a plane and leaves for a biz trip, his wife's idyllic world comes crashing down.

They're saying on the news that a plane to Seattle went down, and nobody survived the fall. The airline claims that her hubby was one of the many unlucky ones! Iris is barely holding herself together, but, despite the grief and the pain, she's somehow confident that it's all a big lie and that they’re not telling her the real truth.

Or maybe it's all a giant conspiracy? First of all, her husband told her he was going to Florida, so, why did he end up dead on a plane arriving in Seattle? And second - what else has he been lying to her about? That's how Iris embarks on a hazardous journey towards the truth. She wants to discover what really happened and what her dear Will was hiding from her.

But, the answers she's looking for won't give her any satisfaction or piece of mind. No, they will shock her like she was never shocked before...Kimberly Belle masterfully builds up the tension and suspense in this breath-taking and blood-chilling mystery thriller. This is a compelling, addictive and un-put-down-able book with twists on pretty much every page and a pulse-pounding plot. A true page-turner!

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