The-Marvelous-Misadventures-Of-Ingrid-Winter-By-J.S.-DrangsholtIngrid, the lovely main character of this brilliant novel, is doing everything in her power to hold her fam together and not to go crazy. She's a contemporary Norwegian mom of three wonderful-yet-noisy kids and a struggling lit. professor with quite a vivid imagination. The woman constantly feels like she's living her life on the very edge, and one wrong move could result in her falling down a high cliff.

She's been desperately trying to secure the house of her dreams, but all her efforts resulted in is putting her marriage at risk. The capricious, ridiculously stubborn PTA poppas and mommas want to start WW3 with her over the fact that she's teaching/not teaching the kids how to tie their shoes properly. Furthermore, an annoyingly persistent salesperson is always bugging her with a stupid warning of the great risk and danger of burglars breaking into her house and stealing all the valuable stuff.

It's clear as day that Ingrid needs to get away from all the craziness that's going on in her life right now and get a breath of fresh air. True, Russia is not the first country that would pop up in her perfect getaway trip fantasies, but that's exactly where she' going. She's to join an "academic mission" to endorse cooperation between different nations, and her destination is the legendary city of Saint Petersburg.

Yes, she doesn't really have a say in this, and that means that she's going - whether she likes the idea or not. The real question is - will Russia "beat her to death" or maybe the marvelous country will help her get a grip on her life and find happiness again? The Marvelous Misadventures of Ingrid Winter is a brilliant romantic drama/comedy for all the struggling women around the globe that want to enjoy life again and feel free from all the responsibilities.

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