Mary Higgins Clark, one of the finest mystery thriller authors of our time, is back with her finest work to date. Lane, the lovely assistant to a celebrated gentleman - an upscale interior designer - is used to visiting luxurious and fancy houses. With that said, her latest gig at a regular townhouse in NJ is quite unusual.

Soon, she realizes that the house belongs to a notorious financial thug, Bennett, who fled the country 2 years ago and took 5 billion (!) dollars from the hedge fund he was trusted with. His wife still owns the house. The investigators can't figure out whether the man took his own life or just staged a pretty convincing disappearance. His angry clients and the government officials want to track the money tail and find the guy.

However, Mrs. Bennett strongly believes that her husband is innocent and that it's all just a huge mistake. Lane is moved and touched by the woman's faith and starts to think that there might be some truth to what she's saying. Next, she slowly, but steadily falls in love with Mark, the financial magnate's son, who also believes that his father is innocent and is set on proving the case - by any means necessary.

But Lane could never think that the closer she gets to this lovely family, the more she puts her own life and the life of her adorable 5-year-old kiddo in danger. What's really going on with the Bennetts? Is Parker really a good, honest man, or maybe the wife and the son are just playing along with the investigation? You'll never know until you turn that very last page! The Melody Lingers On is an exceptional mystery thriller that's worth every last penny.

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