the-memory-of-us-by-camille-di-maioJulianne was living the good life, or, as some would say, the perfect life: she was constantly seen in gorgeous dresses and with handsome young men by her side. Plus, she had more money than she could ever spend. But, one day she discovers that she has a brother who's both deaf and blind and that he's been institutionalized since his childhood years! Thus, in a matter of seconds, the big, perfect, bright world that she thought she lived in comes crashing down.

Julianne used to think that her family was kind, loving and caring, but how can she believe that now? Secretly, she starts visiting her brother, and that's when she becomes close with Kyle, an Irish lad who wants to become a priest. Now she's caught in the middle of her family and Kyle and his connection to Church. His affection and passion wake something new inside of her, something she never thought was possible for a girl like herself.

So, Julianne is forced to make a hard, life-defining choice: keep doing whatever her family's telling her to do and live a rich, but boring life, or to say "No" to all of that and follow her heart, be with the man she loves. However, when the war devastates England, a terrible accident makes her leave everything she cares about behind and start a new life based on lies she told in order to keep her family and loved ones safe.

Then, 2 decades later, it all catches up to her, and the big question is - will Julianne be strong enough to confront her own lies and get back on her feet? The Memory of Us is a profound novel about love, loss, happiness, tragedy, and life itself. Camille Di Maio created a page-turning, exciting story that lingers on, and on, and on.

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