Autumn, the main character of The Memory Watcher, a brilliant psychological thriller with a mighty twist, accidentally finds the soc. media account of the wealthy fam that adopted her baby girl ages ago and their oh-so-perfect life grabs her attention instantly. Sitting behind her computer, she relives every important day in Grace's life, including birthdays, celebrations, bed-time stories, et cetera, et cetera.

It all starts as just a light fascination, but soon turns into an unhealthy and dangerous obsession, so when the McMullens shut down their account without as much as a warning, Autumn goes crazy and almost loses her mind. She's delirious and furious, and the only thing that she can think of is reconnecting with Grace, her daughter.

So, she sends out her resume, hoping to become the moppet's nanny - that would give her just the perfect opportunity to become a big part of the girl's life without exposing her true nature. However, she then finds out that the fancy pictures lie, the perfect family is not really that perfect and that it's all a big scam. People like these have the most disgusting secrets, and now it's up to Autumn to reveal them all.

The critics are calling The Memory Watcher the best mystery/suspense thriller of the year and putting it on the same pedestal as the world-famous Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train. It's riveting, addictive, and simply un-put-down-able. You won't be able to go to sleep until you turn that very last page. Minka Kent created a tense, scary, fascinating thriller. As far as the genre goes, The Memory Watcher is a must-have. Don’t miss out on one of the best releases of 2017!

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