Please welcome 5 of the most eligible bachelors slash billionaire bad boys of the world: they share a "connection", as every single one of the fellas came to this planet at midnight on the same day. That's exactly what brought them together, and now the blokes are in a "wolf pack" for life.

To the outside world they are known as the Midnight Club, and, even though the boys are constantly getting into all kinds of trouble with the paparazzi, hanging out with the most beautiful women and drinking more than anybody else can handle, they've got a brick-strong rule, a motto: never let a girl come between your friends. However, as time flies by, this rule turns into something of a drag.

And, when they come across a young woman who has the potential to change their lives, they understand that the time for their team to mature has come. Viola, the lovely fiancée of one of the fellas, was found dead recently, and that means every single girl that they get close with might also be in danger. But the gentlemen don't realize that - not yet.

Someone out there doesn't want the members of the Midnight Club to fool around with other women, but there's no telling who this person is. Where is the threat coming from? The outside world, a psycho living next-door? But what if one of the Club's members is a brutal and merciless murderer? The Midnight club is a breath-taking romantic suspense novel with enough thrill and tension to get your heart beating like crazy. Tons of hot sex, unbelievable passion, and a vicious killer - Michelle Love mixed it all into a page-turning bestseller!

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