The Jack Reacher series is, without a doubt, a fan favorite, as Lee Child managed to create one of the most likable, honest, patriotic heroes of our time. And, as far as gripping thrillers go, The Midnight Line is a must-read.

Action, drama, thrill, crime, and even romance come together in this bestseller, making you forget about the rest of the world and stay up all night reading. Reacher is just walking down the street in a tiny town and a class ring in a lovely pawn shop catches his attention: it's pretty small - for a woman - and her name is engraved on the inner side. The man starts to wonder: what could've happened that made her give up something that, most likely, was important to her?

So, out of the blue, he decides to figure this mystery out and find the woman along the way. And return her the precious ring. Why not, right? The journey takes Jack through the American Midwest all the way up to lowlife bars, angry bikers, crooked cops, and even a weird PI who likes to walk around in the forest while wearing an expensive suit and a tie. The more Reacher learns and the deeper he digs, the more dangerous the case becomes.

As he soon discovers, the ring was just a tiny link that leads to a far darker and perilous chain. What started as just a "side job" for Reacher puts him against powerful men who run an illegal enterprise. They're ready to kill to protect their business. Will Reacher be able to outsmart them all and bring the criminals to justice? This might be his hardest mission yet for him! Lee Child did it again, ladies and gentlemen: The Midnight Line is just as thrilling and captivating as any other novel in this awesome franchise.

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