The-Midwife's-Revolt-By-Jodi-DaynardThe Midwife Series is one of the greatest historical romance trilogies of our time, and Jodi Daynard's gripping, engrossing stories, fascinating characters and brisk, lively writing will get you hooked up from the get-go. The Midwife's Revolt is the first book in the franchise, and it follows Lizzie, a young girl that's startled by the demolishing sound of cannons firing in the middle of the night.

It's 1775, and from a hill in Boston, she witnesses Charlestown burn in numerous fires. Soon, the poor soul learns that the war has taken her husband's life, and now she's all alone in this harsh, brutal new world order. Yes, she's got no one to turn to, except for Abigail, a lovely girl that helps her forget about the pain and concentrate on the present. At the same time, word spreads that the widow is a gifted nurse and healer.

She's more than happy to start helping people, as it allows her to turn her grief into hope. There are a lot of patients who desperately need her expertise, so, she becomes the town's new favorite midwife. However, when 2 traveling patriots get lethally poisoned, Lizzie instantly suspects that there's a conspiracy on the rise, and the wrongdoers are trying to hurt Abby and her family.

She focuses on revealing the real truth behind it, and thus, she gets involved into a nation-wide coupe that's threatening to destroy her life, her home, her chances at finding peace, love, and happiness again and also the destiny of the United States. Jodi Daynard delivered a 100% page-turner for the fans of historical novels. The book comes with amazing historical details, an exciting, fast-paced narrative and a lovely main character that you'll want to cheer for.

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