The-Misadventures-Of-Max-Crumbly-By-Rachel-Renee-RussellRachel Renee Russell, a best-selling author, is ready to surprise the fans once again with an all-new series about the charming and adorable Max Crumbly. This guy is all about conquering his fears and struggling with day-to-day problems, but he's still "a bit" scared, as he's about to be sent to one of the most dangerous places ever - middle school! True, this new school looks fancy, his parents say that the teachers are great, and there are a lot of friendly kids.

However, there's still one huge problem that our hero will have to deal with, and that's Doug, the #1 bully who really likes to make Max's live a living hell. So, now you can see why the boy is not eager to attend his new school. All he dreams about is to be like the hero in his comic books, but it's not actually that easy.

He does have one pretty ridiculous superpower, though - he can smell pizza from the other side of the town, but it still won't help him beat the bad guys or save the good ones. Hey, that doesn't mean that Max is giving up - not at all! He will do whatever it takes to overcome his deepest fears and become the hero that this town is in desperate need of!

The Misadventures of Max Crumbly is the perfect book to read with your kid(s), as it opens up an opportunity to discuss a lot of "grown-up" stuff that the author talks about in a very exciting, easy manner. Rachel Renée Russell has an amazing sense of humor and the huge number of bright illustrations only makes it that much more interesting. Max is a funny, clumsy little fella, but he's got a big, kind heart, and, with his dedication, he can do even the most impossible things!

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