the-missing-by-caroline-erikssonAre you ready for a psychological thriller that will keep you up all night, with your eyes red and your heart pumping? Well, if you are, then The Missing is the perfect pick for you. An ordinary trip takes Greta, her husband and their 4-year-old daughter to a small isolated island somewhere in Sweden. And while Alex, her man, and their adorable kid fool around on the island, she stays in the boat, fascinated by the mysterious lake.

When she comes to, Greta discovers that her family is not around. She starts calling them and searching for them, but there's no trace of her loved ones. Her husband and baby girl simply vanished, leaving nothing behind - no clues, no notes, nothing. So, Greta is trying her best not to go crazy and to figure out what really happened.

She really needs to know that Alex and the girl are safe and sound, that they're not in trouble. Or, she could just call the cops and let them handle the situation, but, as it turns out, her phone is gone too. She finds it in the bed sheets of her cabin. Did she really do that, or maybe a stranger was in there and deliberately hid the phone so that she could not call for help? But who would do something like that, and, most importantly, why? Greta is horrified and is struggling with the ever-growing tension and fear.

She's afraid that her past finally caught up to her and is torturing her. Or she just went completely nuts...Greta's only chance at finding her family and bringing them back is by confronting the demons from her past. The Missing is a dark and gripping mystery thriller that comes with numerous twists, turns, a strong-paced plot and a great main character that you wanna cheer for from page 1.

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