It's been a year since Prince, the iconic musician has passed away, and now it's time for Mayte Garcia, his first spouse, to talk about her time with the man and share all the deeply personal, moving, touching and revealing facts about their life together.

Prince is one of the most legendary and fan-favored figures in modern-day music, and if you're a big fan, this book will be a great pick for you. Never before has she talked about her experience with the man: they met backstage at one of the many concerts, and then a wonderful wedding followed. But, a series of shocking losses destroyed the love they had. At the same time, the bond they had was stronger than anything they both could achieve ever after.

It's safe to say that Mayte is the one and only person in the world who can shed some light on Prince and draw the most complete and overwhelming portrait of the man and the artist. He was quite a private person and had a big, loving and caring soul. As an artist, Prince was (and will always be) a legend, a pioneer and an innovator. And Mayte supported and accompanied him on every step of the way.

The Most Beautiful is most certainly one of the best biographical books about the artist and will be highly appreciated by the next generations as a source of inspiration. Mayte and Prince managed to achieve something great - they were in love and it helped them both be creative and enjoy the years that God gave them. This is an uplifting, motivating and poignant true story, a heart-breaking, heart-warming and gentle look into the heart and soul of the "progenitor" of contemporary pop music.

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