the-most-wonderful-time-by-fern-michaelsThe Most Wonderful Time is a fascinating collection of heart-warming short Christmas stories that will be a perfect gift for the man/woman you love. It comes with four amazing tales from four outstanding writers, so, you'll get to enjoy a wide variety of styles in one book. The first story by Fern Michaels is about a woman who lost her husband 3 years ago and still can't find happiness in spending the Christmas holidays alone, without her soul mate by her side.

Thankfully, fate smiles upon her and sends Ryan, a good-looking widower her way, and together they move on, forget about the past and start thinking about the future. Stacy Finz, the author of the second story, is all about second chances. Hannah learns that her ex-husband is about to get married, and that makes her question Christmas and love itself.

But, her oldest friend, Josh, is there to rescue her: he makes her understand that everything's possible on New Year's Eve and that this year is going to be the greatest one to date. Sarah Title writes about Emma, a modern-day girl who thinks that a holiday fling is all she's gonna get from Abe, a handsome fella who she meets at a wedding. However, it takes them only a couple of days to fall in love with each other and to start thinking about making a family.

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, and the two are hoping that its magic will guide them towards happiness. And finally, you've got Shirlee McCoy's masterpiece-of-a-short-story: Emma Baily just lost her dad, and she's about to spend the holidays alone, but then Jack, her ex, arrives to help her out. They've been living apart for 4 years, but who knows, maybe Christmas will bring them back together?

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