We all remember Agatha Christie's legendary stories from back when we were little kids, but now it's time for us to enjoy her breathtaking novels as grown-ups. The Murder at the Vicarage is considered to be one of her best mystery thrillers, so, make yourself a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the ride! Protheroe, a decorated Colonel, was shot dead.

That's a shock to every single person in town, but nobody is actually mourning the man. He wasn't a great leader or anything and even the vicar used to say that putting the wild Colonel down would be an act of mercy for all the citizens and a good thing to do. So, that makes him one of the prime suspects in the case! But he's not the only one: pretty much the whole village can be considered a suspect, as they all hated the man and wanted to see him six feet under the ground.

How can the cops make sense of it all and find the person who killed Protheroe? They can't put the whole population in jail, can they? By the way, Mrs. Protheroe is considered to be the one who put that bullet in his head, as she's a faithless woman and never really loved her husband. Could she have murdered the spouse with the help of her young paramour - a striving artist? Of course, she could've!

So, who's the detective working the case? An overzealous rookie or a hard-boiled detective? It's Miss Marple, a nice old lady with a kind smile and a genius mind. She’s got more experience behind her back than any other cop in the village, and her reputation is off-the-charts. She's the best investigator in the United Kingdom, and the only one who can solve the case. The criminals should run and hide!

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