the-murder-house-by-james-pattersonThe Hamptons are fancy, glamorous and insanely expensive - only the world's elite lives there. And No. 7 Ocean Drive is a stunning, magnificent estate right at the beach and invites the richest folks out there to enjoy a nice time. However, it's not all bright and shiny: yes, the place does look gorgeous from the outside, but on the inside, it's got a fair share of secrets and terrifying lies.

Back in the day, a series of murders happened in the estate, and the police were unable to solve the horrendous case. So, it goes without saying that today it's empty and feared all-year-long; plus, the people around here claim that it's cursed and always try to keep as far away from the Murder House - that's what they call it - as possible. Jenna, an all-grown detective, spent a lot of time in the Hamptons in her childhood days, but she hasn't been back in her hometown for more than a decade.

She did everything she could to run away from her disturbing past and start a new life in peace and prosperity. But, when a Hollywood big shot and his woman are found brutally killed in the notorious Murder House, Jenna simply has to do something about it. Soon, she discovers a series of shocking secrets and cover-ups, even though she thought that it would be just another hard-to-crack case. The estate is rumored to be possessed and the locals say all kinds of crazy things about it, but Jenna uncovers even more devastating facts about it.

The bodies start to "pile up", and the ancient secrets come after the detective, forcing her to put her own life at risk and to show the world the real truth about the Murder House - before it's too late. James Patterson is a known master when it comes to mystery thrillers, and The Murder House is one of his best novels to date. It comes with twists, turns, a chilling plot and a great main character.

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