Lucas has just hired a brand-new nanny for his hussy-of-a-baby-girl and she's the most frustrating, infuriating and attractive woman he's ever met in his life. Now, he's been with more than enough ladies to know a thing or two about 'em. Still, he can't get her out of his head and she's filling his mind with all kinds of filthy and dirty thoughts. Her name's Elly and she thinks that he's a cold-hearted, hulky beast.

Well, she's actually right about that! He's used to always getting whatever he wants and bossing people around like there's nothing to it. Yet, Elly is not one to tremble and to do what he pleases. She's a strong-willed, courageous girl, and that only adds to Lucas's ever-growing excitement. Wait, no, she does shiver, but only when he tries to put his big hands all over her.

It's just a pity that he can't grab all those curvy and humpy parts that she's hiding under those boring clothes she wears. The nanny is off limits for him and he simply can’t afford to scare her away, as Elly is pretty much the first nanny that managed to befriend his daughter, a little girl that hasn't been herself ever since her momma left her. So, as much as Luke wants to take her, taste her and claim her, he will never jeopardize his daughter’s happiness.

At the same time, it's almost impossible for him to keep his hands of her beauteous body, Besides, he can almost feel that she's also attracted to him but is just too shy to tell him about it. After all, he is her boss for the moment. You could call it a "Beauty and the beast" relationship, and the beast is about to break free from the cage...The Nanny and the Beast is a steamy, raunchy and passionate erotic novel with a great story and a happy ending.

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