Brigham, a freshly-appointed attorney, is struggling with money and has little hope for the future, so, he joins forces with a fly-by-night firm just to get by. And, after the man loses his first case, he tells himself that there's nothing else for him to do in the biz. However, to his big surprise, the chief entrusts him with a much bigger and more dangerous case - that of a capital murder.

His brand-new client is Amanda, a devastated woman who killed the monster who tortured and murdered her child - a 6-year-old baby girl. Now, even though a jury is allowed to be sympathetic and "root for" the lady and her pain, the law simply can't approve of vigilante justice, even if it is for the right cause. Vince is a big-bad prosecutor with an international fame and a powerful position.

He never lost a single case, and he's not about to lose this one. There's no doubt about the fact that Amanda was the one who pulled that trigger, as there are 5 witnesses to it. Therefore, is she admits and pleads guilty, the prosecution will take death sentence off the table. At the same time, if she takes the offer, that would mean she agrees that what she did was terribly wrong. But does she really think that way?

If she refuses the offer, Brigham will have to put his heart and soul into proving she's innocent. Her life and his career are at stake! The Neon Lawyer is a gripping political thriller that's equally suspenseful and thought-provoking. The tension, the drama, the twists, and turns will make sure you stay up all night trying to finish the book. Will the novice lawyers be able to prove Amanda's innocence and save them both? You'll never know unless you read the book!

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