The-New-Jim-Crow-Mass-Incarceration-in-the-Age-of-Colorblindness-by-Michelle-AlexanderEvery once in a while, a special author comes through with a defining book that aims at changing the way we perceive the surrounding world, the way of life, the right and wrong. The New Jim Crow is about a new social movement, a march towards the truth, the reality, as opposed to what the government elite wants us to believe. They say that with Barack Obama becoming the first black President in the history of the United States we finally managed to break the centuries-long wall between the white and the black people, but that's far from the truth. Michelle Alexander, the author of the book, claims that we never really put an end to the racial castle - we simply reshaped it. This is a bold, brave and vital book for our generation, a textbook for every single American citizen - both black and white - who wants to stop the criminal justice system in this country and bring the corrupt government to its knees. The US justice system is a brutal tool of racial control and they blame everything on the black community without giving them a chance to speak up.

The New Jim Crow talks about the 2nd-grade status that black people have always been relegated to in America. It's a call to action, a revolutionary book that - hopefully - will change the heart and mind of this nation and help it to get out of this horrible mess that the elite made out of a country that used to be glorious. It's an invaluable contribution to the ever-lasting war against injustice, a profoundly necessary book for the 21st century.

If you don't want your grandchildren to live in a scary world where people hate each other and kill innocents on the streets just for the heck of it, The New Jim Crow will be your best way to join the movement and start fighting for a brighter future.

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