The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The-Night-Circus-by-Erin-MorgensternIt comes without notice and is only open at night! Welcome to a Circus of Dreams. There you can find mysterious bonfires around fantastic tents. And behind this setting takes place the merciless competition between two enemy magicians. They are preparing their children to fight in their places - to accomplish what they themselves have never done.

In the endless struggle, the fate must decide who will remain among the living and who must die. But magicians were wrong. when Celia and Marco finally meet – something happens, which was not foreseen: they fall in love with each other. Linked to the circus live and theirs rivalry parents, younglings desperately struggle for their love and a dreamlike world that could perish forever.

Readers praising this book for years now:
"Consistently exciting and linguistically beautifully told" - Susanne Neumann.
"An exciting debut far from all fantasy clichés, whose poetry unfolds a magic all its own"? – HorZu.
"Reminiscent of fantastic literature is old-fashioned in some ways, told strongly but brilliant" - Karoline Pilcz.
"I am dipped in this microcosm and does not come away from it" - Manuela Molinos.
"Fantastic in the best sense of the word." – Wanessa Angle.
"Like a beautiful dream from which you want to wake up" – Jeremy Noen
"Refined game with the imagination" - Antje Note.
"Great Illusion Theater!" – GIRLFRIEND.
"A stunning book that a totally enchanted and abducted in an incredible fantasy world." - Julia Drechsel.
"An unusually written book that invites you to dream." - Gabriele Page.

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