Karen White is back with a mighty new bestseller about a struggling young mom who finds the true meaning of the words "friendship" and "love". Merilee has just divorced her husband and has two kids to take care of. They move to a little town in Georgia. Actually, this isn't the first time she's trying to move on and start over; but, this time around, there's an annoying blogger that keeps writing about all the scandalous details of her divorce.

Merilee rents a nice little cottage from Sugar, the local matriarch. Now, even though she's quite irritable and strict, she does see her younger self in the mother of two and tries to lend her that much-needed help. Sugar even tells Merilee her own personal story, something that she hasn't done in a while.

The woman's tale gives her an entirely different perspective on the townlet and its rich mommies with the perfect clothes and big, shiny cars. Sweet Apple is one of those places where secrets and lies are at every corner, and you'll never guess what you'll find in a gorgeous mansion or a faraway shabby house in the middle of the woods. Every single person out here loves to pretend, as appearances play a major role in their lives.

But what if all those lies come out? What will happen to Sweet Apple and its multiple inhabitants then? The Night the Lights Went Out is an atmospheric, thought-provoking and compelling novel that's hard to put down. You'll find yourself entangled in the mysteries of the little town in the middle of the night. It's safe to say that this is one of the most satisfying reads of the month, if not the year.

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